Liza Riddle ceramics




"For me, a successful piece casts an elegant shadow, evokes an inner power, and has surface decoration that mimics and celebrates the colors and patterns of nature." – Liza Riddle


Liza Riddle grew up in California, USA, known for its spectacular coastline, soaring mountains, and the driest and lowest desert in North America. These landscapes profoundly influenced her life decisions—to discover wild areas, travel the world, protect these lands and, through her art, reflect her concern for the environment.

Ms. Riddle, 65, is based in Berkeley where she enjoys wilderness hiking, exploration (she has visited more than 60 countries) and making art. She received a Bachelor’s Degree and later, a Master’s Degree in Environmental Planning from the University of California.

For several decades, she had a rewarding career preserving and protecting America’s natural lands. In her early fifties, she left her career as a director at a national land preservation NGO, and turned her focus to ceramic art, hand building forms that translate her life experiences. 

She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, including the prestigious NCECA competition in the United States and, in 2017, the 11th International Ceramics Competition in Mino, Japan.

Her current works (Portfolio I) are minimalist sculptural forms that express the forces of nature. Works in her series titled FORCE and Tracing Time, capture a distinct moment in time, including dark, almost black forms that evoke fire, desiccation and desertification, and ultimately, the transformation of landscapes, whether from natural or human causes. In her Elemental Palette series, she explores colors created using water soluble metal salts—soft greens from nickel, brilliant blues from pure cobalt, rusty golds from iron. After firing, these metals fix and transform, highlighting the sharp edged surface tiles and revealing the earth's surprisingly varied color palette.

The works in Portfolio II celebrate the sensual nature of clay, with carefully burnished and polished forms that beckon to be held and admired. This body of work interprets natural objects and events, inspired by the rhythms, patterns and forces of weathered boulders on a mountain slope, wind ripples on a gray blue sea, the sensual shoulder line of a human figure.